Welcome to the website of ‘t Leeg Huys’ If you want to find peace amidst the silence and the expanse of the valley and polders of the river Yzer, you’ve come to the right place.

‘t Leeg Huys offers you an accommodation for a group of up to 16 people.

On the groundfloor, 2 bedrooms offer all comfort to the disabled (wheelchair accessible) or to people who find it difficult to climb the stairs.


The first floor offers 3 double rooms and on the top floor there are another double room and a single room.
Two rooms have an extra bed, so in total there are beds for 16 persons.


Not all rooms feature an ensuite bathroom, but if not available ensuite then the bathroom (douche/toilet) can be found next to the room.
The domain is for rent for the duration of a weekend, mid-week or week.

Its location is perfect if you want to try one of the many hiking trails or bicycle tracks, or if you want to let yourself drift with a boat on the Yser. Fishermen can settle at the riverside of the Yser, Lo-vaart or the Beverdijk at dawn.


The house is very artistically decorated, enriched by unique sculptures and paintings. The doors, several walls, the bathroom and the ceiling of the dining room are made out of solid poplar wood.

A professionally equipped kitchen allows you to cook for 20 people or more.
Plates, glasswork and cutlery can be found in a walnut cabinet and a likewise wardrobe.

In the veranda you can enjoy the sun all day.


Due to its valuable interior, ‘t Leeg Huys is less appropriate for kids who are used to run around wildly.